Why Choose Me?

Fruits of experience

As a journalist, editor and copywriter for over twenty years, I can write concise web and brochure copy – as well as longer material: sales letters, reports, articles and features.

Copywriters tend to have led unconventional lives and enjoyed several ‘careers’.

This grasshopper existence gives the writer an open mind, diverse interests, a sideways approach, insatiable curiosity – and the ability to draw out the essence of an idea, concept, product or service.

Link this with a flair for English and a perfectionist approach…and you get perfectly crafted prose – but from one who knows when to run with the language and be colloquial when the situation demands.

The personal touch

Whether we communicate by phone, email or in person, you’ll be working directly with me – not an agency or account manager.

I may start by knowing nothing about you or your business, but I can find out.

I’ll approach the job in the guise of an interested potential customer – ask the key questions to find out about your business

and, as a sworn enemy of gobbledegook, jargon and weasel words, I’ll translate what you do into terms I will understand.

And once I understand what you offer..

your customers certainly will!

For the ‘write’ words… contact me today.