Reverse out reverse

Some designers love putting copy into reverse. It looks different, clever and… well, creative..

(for the uninitiated, this is when the words are printed in white on some darker background, as opposed to the more usual black on a white (or lighter) background.)

I hate it.

‘Cos it’s difficult – and sometimes impossible – to read. It can work in headings and for short paragraphs, but for most longer body copy that you want to read, forget it.

So why produce any material that a prospective customer can’t read?

It’s similar with capitals – as in CAPITALS. They have their place in headings but upper and lower case (as you’re reading now) works far better in body copy. Look at the road signs in the country: older versions (you know, the ones with fingers pointing you in the right direction) are invariably in upper case – i.e. capitals.

More modern signs are in upper and lower case.

Because they’re easier…

So give your prospects a break – and a chance to become clients…

by making it easy for them to read about what you can do for them.

ps: why are rear number plates on cars black on orange?

to get your words and design working in harmony…

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