Plays for stage and radio

Derek’s plays..

                                    for your entertainment, enlightenment and edification!


10 minutes

            A Large Bag of Chips

Two male; one female

Two men come across a 20 pound note in the street.

How do they decide what to do with it?

            Civic Duty

Two male; one female

Two men have differing views on how to respond to a disturbing sight on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

            Mind yer Manners

Two males

A middle-aged man gives an unreceptive younger fellow some lessons in courtship and love.


15 minutes

            Party Games

Three males

Creepy tales told over a campfire develop into a possible real-life horror story.

            The Road to Timbuktu

Two females

Two friends plan a long-haul motorcycle trip – but there is rather less (and a lot more) than meets the eye..

            Last Drop

Two males

Two brothers have had enough of their necessary nightly search for sustenance.

            Last Bus Home

Two males

Two strangers meet in a bus shelter and react very differently to the game-changing events of the day.

            One Question too Many

Two male; one female

Three old friends come into conflict over their different views of marriage and honesty, reviving buried memories.

            Nothing to Lose

One male; one female

Two old college colleagues venture into dangerous territory while exploring whether the flame still burns.

            Honour among Singles

One male; one female

Two mismatched hopefuls at a singles evening give away more than they’d bargained for.

            Fortune Favours

Two males

Dean asks his old boss for an emergency loan – to receive unwelcome advice and a reminder of old times.


Twenty minutes

            A Coveted Position

One female; one male

Two aficionados meet at a controversial pioneer public event – and their attitudes soon begin to colour the occasion.

            Dismembers of the Wedding

One female; two males

Two gatecrashers – each with their own secret agenda – find themselves struggling to keep their cover intact.


Radio plays – 45 minutes


Two males; two female; many smaller parts

A game at a party leads the unfortunate Robert on a quest for the truth about a possible shocking crime…

            Three in a Bed

Two males; three females

Three roses experience a turbulent growing season: from the New Year to spring budding, summer blooming and the reckonings of autumn..

            The Good Neighbour

Three males; one female; many smaller parts

A young boy in 1970s Latin America is exposed to the savage realities of repression and betrayal.

            The World’s Freest Man

Two males; one female

To the despair of his sister and friend, a playboy’s careless bet puts him in danger of losing his entire fortune and property.


30 minute sitcom

            Fathers in-law:

Two fathers explore their children’s peccadilloes while savouring a break from their allotment.