Doing the job

How we’ll work together

 Doing the job

(part three of three)


The first step is for me to get to know about your business, so that I can write about it in a way that appeals to your customers.

So we have to talk – preferably in person.  If we live within striking distance, great, I can come to you or we’ll meet halfway.

We’ll have a chat and I’ll ask questions – direct and oblique – to draw you out.

You know your business better than anyone.  What you don’t know – or don’t have the time for – is establishing the best way to convey its strengths and benefits.  As a disinterested – but seriously interested! – third party, I’m in the right place to do just that.

If meeting isn’t practical or necessary (eg for a relatively simple job) we can exchange info by email and talk on the phone.  This is no obstacle to a successful outcome: I have worked this way with numerous clients whom I’ve never met.

Perhaps your current unsatisfactory copy is fundamentally sound in content but simply needs a little tweaking…  A ‘rewrite’ may simply involve rearranging or even breaking up overlong sentences and paragraphs – to make the text more immediate and immediate.

And if you are wondering…  My initial notes and draft are in longhand and then I put it on screen.

So this means that every word goes through a rigorous rewriting process.  This helps me to tighten the text up, eliminate the inessentials and concentrate on the message.

When is the copy ready for release to the world?  When we are both satisfied it will do the job you want.

As partners in the communication business, it’s vital we understand what we aim to achieve.

That common goal is the guiding light toward a satisfactory job all round.

Derek Williams

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