Working together two



(part two of three)


Making contact

You may choose to email me via this site

Or phone on 01935 509366

Why not?  We have to talk eventually.

I’ll tell you my availability and ask about the scope of your project.

Who you are.

What the job is?

Who it’s for?

How will I assess whether I can do the job?

Perhaps you can send me some copy in progress (or that’s stalled..)

Or the copy on your current website – or other marketing materials that need revision and updating.

If it’s a straightforward project, we can come to an agreement there and then.

How much?

You’ll want to know much I charge.  Well, I’ll tell you when I know the scope of the job!

Some writers charge a daily rate.  This is useful when you have a number of jobs that need a degree of rewriting and tidying up.

For a new job written from scratch, I’ll give you a quote with an upper and lower limit based on my assessment of the work involved.

There are certainly cheap copywriters around – I’ve come across quite absurd quotes for pieces of work.

As in all of life, you get what you pay for.  Either writer x is so desperate to get a first job, they don’t dare ask for a higher rate.

Or they value their work so low that it may well be a fair price – that is all they are worth!

And if that really is all, do you want to work with them?  You won’t outlay much money, but you’ll gain in frustration what you waste in time.


All the above has more in common with the work of any contractor than may be initially apparent.

A job, a standard, a price, a delivery date.


Derek Williams

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