(Part one of three)


Hiring a copywriter is like hiring any other professional to do a job.  You select someone most suited to your needs;make sure they understand the job; agree on a price;

and leave them to get on with it!

Yet taking on a specialist writer may be something new to you.  These creatures called writers have a reputation for being a little…  if not exactly strange but certainly out of the ordinary.  How do they work?  How well will they work with you?  How can you be sure that you’re getting someone who can do the job you want them to do?

Well, you can’t be 100% certain – but you can improve your chances of making the right choice.

  • you can ask to see examples of their work.
  • ask for testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • assess writing style and content from their website –

and, dare I say, from any blogs they have dared to pen…

Copywriters, as a breed (and is the collective noun a ‘promotion’? Perhaps not, as it’s a job that lends itself to individual pursuit) have widely differing backgrounds.  Some may have come from other writing disciplines; others from any kind of career or life experience.

Incidentally, some copywriters have managed to progress onto grander things.  Salman Rushdie, Fay Weldon and Dorothy L Sayers all served time in advertising agencies before moving on to their novelistic pursuits and success.

All copywriters have stronger and weaker points.  Myself?  With a journalistic/ editorial background, I am happy with descriptive writing or longer copy such as articles, features and interviews.  I also write stories and plays, so quotes and dialogue come easily.

As for content, I can turn my hand to most areas and have written on subjects about which I knew practically nothing.  Until I was briefed.

But we all have our limits…  I do have a scientific (biological) background but anything to do with IT leaves me cold, so please don’t approach me for any heavy computer stuff and work concerning mobiles and apps

As for undertaking the work itself, I’m based at home and so overheads are low.

You get a personal relationship with me: no outsourcing, no partners. I do the writing.

So simply phone or email: if I don’t answer immediately, I’ll get back to you.


(Coming up next: making contact)


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